FAQ - Services

This FAQ consists of answers to several frequently asked questions on the IRC newsgroups and the DALnet IRC Network help channels. Please email questions to help@dal.net. Send revisions, comments, additions, or deletions to faq@DAL.net

Section II: Services

2.1 - What are Services?

2.2 - How do I register my nickname?

2.3 - How do I register my channel?

2.4 - Why won't services talk to me?

2.5 - How can I tell what nicknames or channels are registered?

2.6 - What's a SOP? What's an AOP?

2.7 - What happened to my nickname, channel, or memo?

2.8 - How do I use MemoServ?

2.9 - What happens if I forget my password?

2.10 - Who are the services programmers?

2.11 - Can I get a copy of services?

2.12 - How are DALnet services different from other nets?

2.13 - There's a nick I'd like to use but it says I can't.

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