AKick stands for Automatic Kick. Once placed on the akick list, the problem user will be automatically kicked and banned upon entering the channel for the first time. Below you can find all the information regarding this function of Chanserv, as well as some Extra Notes on some of the finer points of the command.


  • Usage:
  • /chanserv akick (channel) ADD (nick) or (mask)
    /chanserv akick (channel) DEL (index number) or (mask)
    /chanserv akick (channel) LIST (search pattern)

    NOTE: you do not need to use parentheses; the parts of the msg that are in caps are part of the akick command; without them, akick is pretty much useless.

  • Breakdown:

    One other important thing to remember when attempting to delete an akick is that if the person has attempted to come to the channel and has been banned by ChanServ, not only do you need to delete the address from the akick list, you also need to remove the ban.

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