BBSnet Services

BBSnet attempts to make a better network for its users than the other IRC networks available. As such, it offers user services. These services (ChanServ, NickServ, and MemoServ) allow users to do many things that have to be accomplished with separate channel bots on other networks.


BBSnet's channel registration service, ChanServ, allows users to register their channel instantaneously, giving them freedom to use their channel without fear of a takeover. In addition, ChanServ does not sit in the channel, as it can change modes from outside the channel, therefore it doesn't clutter the channel list.


BBSnet's MemoServ allows users who have registered their nicknames to send short memos to other users, even when the other user is offline. Also, users can send memos to registered channels, and it will go to all the ops of a channel, providing an effective method of communication.


BBSnet's nickname registration service, NickServ, gives users the option of registering their nickname, with no wait, and preventing other users from using the nickname. Registering a nickname also allows a user to receive memos with MemoServ.