The REGISTER command allows you to register a nickname with NickServ, and have NickServ protect it. The format for the REGISTER command is:

/NickServ REGISTER password

Note the fact that the nickname does not appear anywhere on that command... NickServ will attempt to register the nickname you are using. Also please note that the password is CaSe SeNsItIvE. That means that to NickServ A123 and a123 are different.

Please make sure you note your nickname password, and do not give it away to anyone... DALnet personnel will not ask for your password, unless you ask them for it first. You can tell they are actually DALnet officials by doing a /whois on them, and looking if they are an IRCOP. If you forget your nickname password, please head to #OperHelp and ask for a CSOP. They can help you retrieve your password.

Also note that NickServ will unregister nicknames not used for 25 days.

It is also a good idea to set KILL ON for your new nickname. That way anyone not in the access list, needs to IDENTIFY with the nickname password.

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