Using the SEND command, you can send a memo to another user, or to a registered channel. The format is: /MemoServ SEND recipient message

The recipient can be a registered nickname or a registered channel. Note that in both cases, some settings available to the nickname or channel owner might be set to prevent sending a memo.

If you send a memo to a channel, then that memo will go to ALL AOPs SOPs and the FOUNDER, if no options are set by the channel founder. To send a memo to all channel SOPs and the channel FOUNDER use the SENDSOP command.

Please note that the message may not be longer that 255 characters. MemoServ will let you know if the memo you are trying to send is longer that 255 characters. If so, you will need to shorten it and resend it. If you are sending to a channel, do not forget to include th # sign that indicates it is a channel.

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