You use the FORWARD command to make all messages sent a nickname get forwarded to a new nickname. When someone sends a memo, they will see the nickname the memo is being forwarded to. This allows you to receive all your memos on one nickname, and change nicknames easily without having to tell everyone sending you memos what that nickname is, since they will automatically see it.

Please note that is not a way of hiding, since the user can find out where the memo ended up, it is merely a way to help users with multiple nicknames to keep track of their memos.
The format is:

/MemoServ FORWARD <nick> [password]

If you need more help, please feel free to go to #DALnetHELP, where you can get help any time. Also, you can type: /MemoServ HELP on IRC if you can't find someone available to help you or you would rather seek help by yourself.

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