BBSnet IRCD Server Software

DFW-469U.ZIP Dreamforge 4.69u/Win32. Freeware. For Win2000, NT, ME, 9x.
DF467.TAR.GZ Dreamforge 4.67/Unix. Freeware. For Linux, Unix, etc.
DF2-465.ZIP Dreamforge 4.65/OS2. Freeware. For OS/2 Warp4 with emx 0.9c.
CRINST176.EXE ConferenceRoom 1.7.6 for Win32. This was the last IRCD complient version. For Win2000, NT4, ME, 9x.
CR176DOC.ZIP ConferenceRoom 1.7.6 Documentation. Everything you ever wanted to know about an IRCD. For MS Word 6.0 or later.
CRUTILS.ZIP ConferenceRoom Win Utilities for 1.7.6. This updates the status viewer to the GUI version found in 1.8x, and also includes the SysTray monitor from 1.8x. For Win2000, NT4, ME, 9x.

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