FAQ - General Information

This FAQ consists of answers to several frequently asked questions on the IRC newsgroups and the BBSnet IRC Network help channels. Please email questions to irchelp@thebbs.org.

Section I: General Information

1.1 - What is IRC?

1.1a - Why can't I join a + channel?

1.2 - Do I need software?

1.3 - Where can I get the software?

1.4 - How do I setup my software?

1.4a - I'm having trouble connecting...

1.4b - I have specified port 7000 but I still can't connect!

1.4c - I have port 7000 specified and I tried another server but I'm *still* not connecting!

1.5 - What is BBSnet?

1.6 - How can I get to BBSnet?

1.7 - Where can I find information about BBSnet?

1.8- How can I find out what's happening on BBSnet?

1.9 - Why is it called BBSnet?

1.10 - What are some good channels to try first?

1.11 - Where can I get a list of servers?

1.12 - Who wrote BBSnet's ircd?

1.13 - Who is person in charge of BBSnet?

1.14 - How can I help out?

1.15 - What are those @ symbols?

1.16 - What is a bot?

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