DALnet IRC - Suggested Channels

Finding a channel

Now that you can sign onto IRC, where do you go next?

The easiest way to find a channel on IRC is via the /list command. It enables you to search through the thousands of channels on DALnet and find one that interests you. The syntax is:

/list *subject*
Let's say you wanted to find a channel that dealt with horses; you'd type:

/list *horse*
You would then be provided with a list of channels that all have the word "horse" in their name (for example, #horselovers, #ILoveHorses, and so on).
If you wish to register a channel of your own, check our ChanServ page.

International Channels

(Channels which use languages other than English. Please note that this is only a basic list, and thousands more "alternative language" channels exist on DALnet.)

        Channel         Language Spoken

	#brasil         Portuguese
	#iceland        Icelandic
	#israel         Hebrew
	#italia         Italian
	#malaysia       Mandarin, Contonese, Malay
	#manila         Tagalog, English
	#montreal       French
	#norway         Norwegian
	#poland         Polish
	#russia         Russian
	#sweden         Swedish
	#uae            Arabic

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