Accessing BBSnet through Windows

mIRC is one of the most popular and widely supported clients today. The most recent versions are shareware, fully functional, but asking that you register for a small fee if you continue use. Highly graphical and easy to use for the novice. Also includes scripting tools for even the most advanced user. One of mIRC's best features for the new user is it's highly developed help system accessed via the Windows familiar 'Help Menu'

: mIRC website:

Pirch is another graphical program that is also quite popular. It supports many features and is compatible with BBSnet. If you don't like mIRC, definitely check this out.

: pIRCh website :

vIRC is a graphical interface with many extra little features. Despite the fact it is in beta, it is still a nice alternative if the other clients out there are not what you like.

: vIRC website :

The Klient is a fairly new IRC client for windows. This fully customizeable client supports multiple server connections, client-side scripting, and many more.

: Klient website :

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